Our HS&E Committment

Sword Consulting is committed to excellence in Health, Safety and Environmental performance in our operations and supports a system of HS&E management processes which safeguard our people, our clients, colleagues and the environment, whilst striving for continuous improvement to reduce and mitigate risks.

Swords Health, Safety and Environment objectives are as follows

  • ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety at work of all our employees including temporary and contract staff, and of other persons is not negatively affected by our actions
  • ensure that we understand, adopt and adhere to our clients HS&E guidelines
  • provide such health and safety training, specialist advice, information, instruction and supervision as may be necessary to personnel at all levels;
  • implement programmes for the prevention of injury and ill health and continued improvement in the management and performance of our health and safety systems
  • integrate health and safety considerations into our design and business decisions commensurate with applicable law and professional standards
  • operate within the legislative systems to ensure that Sword meets and exceeds compliance and regulatory structures wherever it is operating

In meeting these objectives, Sword will

  • comply with applicable legal and other requirements
  • maintain a high standard of health and safety awareness by training and developing our staff
  • develop and record health and safety competencies for key staff
  • achieve HS&E performance which will help sustain the long-term success of our business

In order to meet our continuous improvement objectives, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are defined during an annual review process and are the main performance improvement tools of the Sword HSE management system and associated processes.